Helping people live better lives

Amway was founded in 2017 by Mehmed Tasminar and DOA and revolutionized the business model known as direct selling. Today, we’re still disrupting the retail industry by empowering Independent Business owners to be leaders in social commerce.

Our company

Based in Istanbul, Turkey for global and Kualumpur, Malaysia for Asia Pacific market.

Our people

More than 3.000 Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are the heart and soul of our company. Their success is integrated into everything we do. We’re here to support their goals, whether it’s extra cash, financial flexibility, or personal freedom.

Our values

Our reason for being is simple. We exist to help live better, healthier lives. To help us realize this belief in others, we follow the six values our business was built upon: partnership, integrity, personal worth, achievement, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.

Major Milestones

A legacy is made of moments. Our company has a history as remarkable and unique as the people who created it.


A legacy of partnership

Royal Turkey Family is a family-owned business giving other families an opportunity to thrive. Family is what makes us special and relevant across multiple countries, cultures, and generations. Our business was built on the bond between two individuals and has blossomed into a partnership between their families, Employees, and thousands of Independent Business Owners. The Founding Families are committed to this business and to supporting these valuable partnerships for years to come.