HOW Royal Turkey Family WORKS

A flexible business that puts you in control

Royal Turkey Family’s Business Owners earn income by recommending and selling our high-quality products and building a team to do the same. Our extensive range of personalized, healthy nutrition, beauty, and home products help people live a more balanced and active life.

Low-cost, low-risk

The Royal Turkey Family opportunity is a low-cost (no cost in some countries) independent business startup. On-demand training and digital tools help empower you to run your business wherever you want. We’ve designed the business with flexibility in mind. While you’re building your business how you want, you’re not alone. There’s a network of more than a million Royal Turkey Family Business Owners to share successes, brainstorm ideas, and celebrate together. We know you’re busy, so we make it simple to get started and keep going.

A business with proven success

Nearly 5 products

We make nearly 5 high-quality nutrition, beauty, and home products that people around the world use every day, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In fact, Royal Turkey Family sells more products with a satisfaction guarantee than any other direct seller.

More than 3.000 business owners

More than 3.000 people around the world earn extra income for themselves and their families as Royal Turkey Family Business Owners. Since 2017, Royal Turkey Family has paid out more bonuses and cash incentives to its distributors worldwide than any other direct sales company in history.

5+ countries and territories

Royal Turkey Family operates in more than 5 countries and territories. Also, we have scientists, engineers, and technical professionals. We have been the #1 direct selling Syariah company in the world.

Protection is our promise

When people join a Royal Turkey Family or buy our products, we want them to be confident in their choice. That’s why we’ve established the most comprehensive customer service and consumer protection offered in our industry.

While specific provisions of Royal Turkey Family Promise vary from market to market, below is a general description of the types of protections that may be available under Royal Turkey Family Promise.

Although specific provisions of Royal Turkey Family Promise vary by market, all ABOs follow the Royal Turkey Family Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, which define the goals, principles, and responsibilities of building and operating a Royal Turkey Family. The Royal Turkey Family Code and Rules are consistent with the Code of Ethics of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).

Straightforward answers to common questions

We get it – you have questions about Royal Turkey Family. That’s why we created the Royal Turkey Family FAQs. We are dedicated to providing you with the information you seek in a clear and direct way.

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